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Imagine yourself having the time to drop your kids off at school (and pick them up too.) You can pay off debt, contribute to the mortgage, even take your family on vacations! SHE PROSPERS is a group of schoolteachers and health care professionals who mentor driven, positive, real-life women like YOU to grow your network marketing business. You deserve the flexibility and financial rewards you dream of. You just might need a little help getting there.

It only takes ONE DECISION!

Megan Shaughnessy launched her team of rock stars in 2015, but the success was really seeded when she was a girl. Her parents instilled rock solid confidence in that little girl by always telling her she was amazing.

While they laugh about it now and don’t recall saying it, it planted a seed in young Megan’s heart and ultimately led her to her ONE DECISION.

She Prospers:Leadership

These powerhouse women have achieved a level of success they never dreamed possible. What started as a way to experience greater vitality in their own health and moods turned into full-time income that allows them to enjoy both time AND financial freedom.

This ever-growing team is led by a group of key rock stars that just so happen to also be childhood best friends. Sharing their true-life stories of going from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY are Megan, Jamie, and Talia.

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  • 💥💥WE HAVE AN 11 YEAR OLD!!!!💥💥 She is independent, kind, smart, and has a huge heart for animals. She enjoys any and all sports, friends, giggling and is never sitting still. She happy to eat bagel bites, mangos and orange juice for every meal and even with ALL her nervousness over Middle School she is rocking it! 
Dad and I are so proud of you bunny! No matter your age or stage in life you will ALWAYS be our 4 pound preemie. 
#daughter #preteen #loveher #sweetgirl #mom #sheissocute #hasmynose #feelslikeyesterday
  • #ThankfulThursday

When I see myself today. Happy, healthy, and feeling better at 40 then I ever did in my 20's I am so thankful. I forget that all the people who see me day in and day out do not know the "old" Megan.

The girl who told herself every night that TOMORROW she would eat better. Tomorrow I will move my body. Tomorrow I will not feel like the odd one in my group of friends because I have to shop at JC Penny and not Express. Tomorrow I will see in the mirror what I know I feel on the inside.

You see losing weight or having a "transformation" is about becoming that person you know you can be. Holding promises to yourself. Celebrating small wins, staying consistent and growing into exactly who you were meant to be. 
If you constantly tell yourself those things I used to. I get it. I know how hard it is to change. But I also know it is possible. One decision, one workout, one meal.

#alwaysajourney #eatclean #thrive #startoverwheneverneeded #progressoverpefection
  • Imagine being able to give a dog a HOME for a short time while in transition. Letting him know what it feels like to NOT have your fur matted, to be cuddled with on the couch. To SLEEP in a bed and most of all to feel loved. 
Friends, I cannot explain how rewarding it is to feel like I am helping one little life at a time. 
Someone recently asked me WHY I love what I do. This 👇 is one of those WHYs! 
Having a little extra income to cover a haircut for this guy. To foster without feeling like it takes from MY family. To give back to things I LOVE. To have the TIME to do these things again. I have tasted FREEDOM in many ways over the past 4 years and I REFUSE to go back to not being able to be and give the most of me to everything I love!

#robbie #kingcharlescavalier #fosterdog #rescuelife #cavalierrescueusa #dogmom #love

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