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Imagine yourself having the time to drop your kids off at school (and pick them up too.) You can pay off debt, contribute to the mortgage, even take your family on vacations! SHE PROSPERS is a group of schoolteachers and health care professionals who mentor driven, positive, real-life women like YOU to grow your network marketing business. You deserve the flexibility and financial rewards you dream of. You just might need a little help getting there.

It only takes ONE DECISION!

Megan Shaughnessy launched her team of rock stars in 2015, but the success was really seeded when she was a girl. Her parents instilled rock solid confidence in that little girl by always telling her she was amazing.

While they laugh about it now and don’t recall saying it, it planted a seed in young Megan’s heart and ultimately led her to her ONE DECISION.

She Prospers:Leadership

These powerhouse women have achieved a level of success they never dreamed possible. What started as a way to experience greater vitality in their own health and moods turned into full-time income that allows them to enjoy both time AND financial freedom.

This ever-growing team is led by a group of key rock stars that just so happen to also be childhood best friends. Sharing their true-life stories of going from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY are Megan, Jamie, and Talia.

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  • "The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do!" Lucky to have opportunities to surround myself with people who force me to Le-Vel up in life. In the way I look at my health, my business and what I am doing every day to help other live the life they deserve!

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  • 90% of the time I wear sweat pants and drop my kids off at school and every once and a while Eric Shaughnessy takes over so I can hop on a jet plane! to Toledo to fill my Thrive tank, get some training and bring it back to my team! 
I taught 1st grade for 15 years. LOVED it, but on days like this I am reminded that TIME FREEDOM is oh so priceless. I had 3 days I could take off that were MY choice. The rest were holidays or scheduled days off when I taught. Trust me when I tell you friends...there is another way. I get to live it every day. 
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  • Do you have those memories, moments in life or trips that will ALWAYS be special? This was one of those for me. Boston with friends. My first tatoo in my favorite city (Boston), my first road trip to Vermont in a blizzard, my first missed flight alone, and my the first time I realized. This is it. 
This is the ONLY life I will get. 
I will take the trips
Get the tatoo
Drink the martini
Eat the dessert
Smile more
Love big
Take risks 
And LIVE this one life

Because when it is all said and done...this is it. I want to leave this earth having people know I CARED. I LOVED them, I APPRECIATED them, I lead with my heart and know that we ALL deserve to live the life we deserve. 
Today my heart is sad. My family lost someone special. It is another reminder, to wake up tomorrow knowing we only get once chance at this thing called life. Live the life YOU deserve. 
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  • 💥💥The TRUTH will set you free💥💥 Prior to thriving I used to tell myself... 👎I am too tired
👎I work all day and deserve to sit on the couch
👎this is just how you feel after 40
👎if my knee didn't hurt I would LOVE to workout
👎I just don't sleep well 👎my body just does not maintain weight loss well

But let me tell you, the TRUTH is there is a better way. By simply ADDING 3 steps first thing in the morning I am making less excuses and becoming a better version of myself every day. 👍energy that continues into the afternoon
👍even after a long day I find a way because I FEEL good
👍I feel better then I did at 20
👍my joints no longer hurt
👍I sleep LESS and more soundly
👍I have maintained my 80 pound weight loss with MUCH more ease then ever before

The TRUTH is there is no magic pill, shake or patch. You have to put in the work but what if there was a magic 3 step system that would change the story you tell yourself every day? Would you be closer to the best version of YOU? 
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  • #wellnesswednesday

Read this 👇👇 Read it again
And again
And one more time

Now go do whatever it is you need to do to SHINE! That is not selfish. That is living the life you deserve!

#this #thebestisyettocome #thankful #yesyoucan #shine #itisnotselfish
  • One of my favorite benefits of that little sticker is the ability to get out of bed without the bottoms of my FEET and ANKLES hurting!! For years I would wake up and my ankles would ache. The bottoms of my feet would hurt. I would dread those first steps out of bed. I was scared I would have to cut back on working out or doing anything "strenuous". And then I started thriving and it stopped 💯 
Now I get up early with ease (4:30 today)💥smile more 💥complain less💥my ankles don't hurt💥neither do the bottoms of my feet💥I'm more positive💥and extremely grateful.

That’s amazing. And so many people in my life (mom and dad and sister) have seen their joint discomfort decrease and it’s incredible to watch❤️. And THEIR stories are the #1☝️ reason why I started sharing about it. It changed my life, and I always believe that it will change YOURS! 
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