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  • Heading out. Cleaning day at our house so we are off to waste some time while our amazing cleaning lady works her magic! 
Do you have something that is just "worth it"? When I was in grad school before having kids Eric and I HATED finding time to clean. So we started having someone come a couple times a week. Now 12 YEARS later we still appreciate it. 
#iamnotatoiletlady #idocleanbeforeshecleans #buthersisdeeper #loveit #cleansmell
  • Officially the first time Eric got in the pool! Not his favorite past time but I wanted one and he usually agrees to 99% of my wild ideas! 
#family #pool #fun #dadtime #swimming
  • #flexfriday

Thankful for my little photographer today. Love that we get to spend some time together just chatting this morning. He is a pretty big ❤. #mom #thriver #flexfriday #enjoytheweekend #momboss #tinyhelper
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  • I go on my morning walk, he gets all his jobs doen and then heads straight to Minecraft. He is now making me a house! With all the things I love... #boys #cavalierkingcharles #lovehim #ineedtomove #hewantstobuild
  • #TransformationTuesday

5 years ago I was a "watcher" on Facebook. I knew EVERYTHING about what people did, ate, loved and how they spent their time. I RARELY posted. 
Then I decided to share about Thrive. I posted more, grew a business that lights my soul on FIRE (and let's be honest has led me to a pretty amazing income) and here I am LOUD and PROUD on here every day. 
Selfies, videos, showered, not showered, good bad and all the in between. 
The truth is when I started to share ALL of my life I met some amazing people. Changed SO MANY lives and it was JUST what I was looking for. Thankful every day that simple 1,2,3 came into my life.

#momboss #thrive #workfromhome #onlinebiz #youcantoo #loudandproud #levelrocks #luckylady

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